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It had been three months since Riku had been transformed from the scrawny, skinny weakling he had been into the towering muscle god he was now today. His partner, Xemnas, had decided that Riku needed some valuable time to rest and recuperate from the transformation, which apparently took a while. Despite this, Riku still had sex with himself, sucking himself off, fisting his now engorged cock, and shoving dildo after enormous dildo up his ass to satiate his new found craving for giant monster cock.

Now, he was casually strewn across the his massive bed, made specifically for his own increased mass. His ass was impaled with a dildo made to be a massive horse cock, with a dogs not at the base, but still too small to satiate the hunger for cock. His dick was stuffed with bulging bicep and shoulder, blocking the soon oncoming surge of black, gooey cum that had replaced his formerly pearly white cum.

His shoulder brushed the pure gold Prince Albert piercing at his tip, while his forearm and fist scrapped and rubbed his jade coloured frenulum ladder piercings, that Xemnas himself had replaced after losing the old ones in his growth. His balls had also seen their fare share of piercing as well, with pure platinum rings going straight down the centre, ending with one right on the ring of his hole. His massive, dick sized and leaking nipples were weighed down by massive silver rods, each weighing around a kilo in weight each.

With another shove of his arm, his shoulder was forced into his piss slit, eliciting a scream of pleasure from Riku. Cum was blasted from every orifice, his nipples bunching up as his chest tightened and was drained of every last drop of cum. His ass seemed to contain still more cum from the intense fucking it had received three months earlier, and was squirted out around the massive dildo that his ass was clenched around.

As his balls tightened and were dragged closer to his body, despite the massive weight of them, he felt cum blast it's way up his slit, but get blocked by the cannonball sized shoulder blocking his slit. As he felt the intense pressure build to painful levels, he ripped his arm free of his engorged and puffy piss slit, and let out an intense scream of pleasure, as the whole room was coated with his cum.

As his orgasm died down, he opened his eyes to see that he had been soaked with cum, as well as the bed, floor and ceiling.

'Well, at least I know I'm efficient at what I do' he thought. 'But now I'm bored. What the fuck am I going to do?'

With that he jumped off the bed, despite his bulky mass, and started wading his way through the knee deep cum. Knee deep for him at least, with his massive ten foot tall frame. As he walked, he felt the cum being absorbed back into him through his skin, his puffy piss slit seeming to drink up what it had just shot out. Before he knew it, he was merely ankle deep in cum, his balls were swollen from producing new cum and absorbing old cum, and his frame had bulked up with another fifty kilos of new muscle. He thought he must have had over five hundred kilos of muscle mass, all thanks to his transformation.

Once he reached the door to his room, he decided to explore the divine Halls of Priapus. Despite living here for almost three months now, he had barely done any exploring. He had only wanted to explore his new body, test it's limits and attempt to satiate his still burning hunger for cock. He casually reached down and pulled the dildo from his sloppy man cunt, throwing it aside without a second glance.

"Note to self" he said out loud. "Get a bigger dildo."

While he had his hand at his ass, he casually fingered, and eventually fisted his new hole. He had never known the glories of a loose hole until he had been kidnapped by Xemnas to be transformed. He still did not understand most of the process, and had participated in transforming others in the time he had been a part of the cult, but still felt ignorant. All throughout the halls he found many piles of used dildos, pools of thick black cum and you could hear the noise of many people being converted as he walked. He stretched out the ring of flesh around his ass, pushing his insides as he did so to form a large, beautiful prolapse, which trailed on the floor along with his cock and balls, leaving a slimy trail of black cum and anal juices.

While he did this, he thought he might go to the gym and go for a swim in the pool. This was no ordinary pool, Riku though when he arrived, and he couldn't believe what he was seeing. A pool ten times the size of any Olympic sized swimming pool, filled to the brim with cum. Oh boy, this was going to be fun.

Without a second thought, Riku got a run up and dive bombed into the pool, sending cum flying everywhere around the room. Despite this, it slowly made its way back into the pool thanks to sloped floors, ensuring that no drop was lost. The cum was also different from what Riku had sloshing around in his beach ball sized balls. Despite being surrounded by it, and his power of absorbing cum, it was being absorbed. Even his dick wasn't having any go into the stretched out piss slit. Clearly, somebody didn't want to lose any of this cum.

Without another thought, Riku decided to do backstrokes, showing off any and all of his perfect manhood. His prolapse was still present, and trailed three feet behind him and leaking cum as always. After a couple of laps, he felt exhausted despite his increased stamina, and hauled himself up onto a ledge.

What happened next was all a blur. Something grabbed Riku's ankle and pulled him back into the cum, while he heard someone say "not so fast, mr. Muscle". As he got hauled back in, his head hit the concrete ledge and he fell unconscious.


As he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the roof of the Poole room. And then a large, phallic shaped object hurtled across his vision.

"Where am I?" Riku yelled, bolting upright from his laid out position in the concrete floor. "Who, or what are you?"

"You are still in the pool room, my dear boy. And I am the tentacle god Oozecum the Lustful. I am here to rape that deliciously loose ass of yours, and milk you of all of your cum."

And with that, Riku felt tentacles, each with a cock head at its end, wrap around his waist, wrists and ankles, and haul him into the air. A tentacock came up to his mouth, and, submitting willingly to the cock god, he opened his mouth to be violated fully.

He felt a tentacle snake it's way up his thigh, leaving a trail of pre up his leg, aiming for the loose ring of flesh that signified the start of Riku's gloriously loose fuck chute. As his prolapse was now gone, the tentacle had to make it to the ring of flesh before any thing fun happened.

Sensing that he would need a larger tentacle to pleasure Riku, Oozecum engorged the tentacle until it mirrored Xemnas's glorious pole of man flesh, and immediately penetrated a foot into the loose orifice.

With a howl of pleasure around the cock in his mouth, Riku's nipples shot their loads across the room, miraculously being caught by tentacles and being eaten up by the giant god. The cock in his mouth squirted what had been caught into his mouth, making him wish for more.

As if reading his mind, two large, yet slender, tentacocks rose and positioned themselves at Riku's pierced nipples.

Without warning, they shot forward, impaling the nipple dicks, moving around the heavy silver piercings in his nipples to the reservoir of cum help within his pecs. He thought it tickled as they squirmed around in his pecs, and he had more and more tentacle shoved into him, both into his chest and into his ass. The tentacles now squirming in his pecs started to suck up the reservoir of cum, which quickly replenished itself as it emptied. This cum was quickly funnelled down the tentacock and up into the two that now rested in Riku's whored up mouth.

The tentacle in his ass had reached his stomach, obvious to Riku by the massive squirming bulge now obvious despite his rock hard abs. As he looked down in wonder, the tentacle started to engorge until it became increasingly uncomfortable to have the cock up his ass.

'Ah well' Riku thought. 'Its not like we can have everything we want.'

As he thought that, large bulges started to move up the length of the tentacle. As they reached his ass, they stretched it beyond belief, and headed further into his body. It was obvious where they were going due to the large moving lumps moving through his intestines. Finally the first one stopped in his stomach, and he suddenly felt full, as if he had drunken too much cum in in round. As the bulges continued to move up his ass, his stomach started to bulge out further due to the increase in the movement of the bulges.

"I am now breeding you, filling you with my eggs. You will give birth to my young, right here in this pool, in three months time. These eggs will hatch inside you, and must be fed with extra strength demon cum. Your cum is just the right consistency needed, so you must drink wholly from your manhood to keep every one of my younglings alive."

All Riku could think of to say was "more, I need more in my ass." And that was exactly what Oozecum did. He sent another tentacle up to Riku's ass, which stretched his ass even more as it inflated to the same size as the previous one. Once it had reached his stomach, the familiar bulges started to flow through and started to get backed up.

As all this was happening, Riku's unattended cock stood at attention. Noticing this, Oozecum directed a tentacle to 'play' with this unattended organ. Within moments of the tentacock wrapping itself around the engorged, ultra sensitive head, did the tentacle penetrate the loose, sloppy yet still extremely sensitive piss slit, that was now considered a new fuck chute by Riku. The tentacle burrowed deep down into the cock, sending shivers down Riku's spine as it passed everyone of the piercings on his underside. The tentacle swelled to amazing proportions to keep Riku pleasured, and the underside of his dick swelled out further than anything had stretched it out to before.

With out warning a second cock joined the first, swelling again to the same size of the other one, just as the two in his ass had done. As the second caught up with the first, Riku felt the same sensation as the one in his pecs. The tentacocks were stuffing as much into each testicle as they possibly could, swelling each one larger than boulders. The tentacocks swam around freely through the inky black cum of his balls, sucking up as much of the cum as was possible, when it was replenished just as fast.

Soon, the tentacocks in his ass shrunk a bit to let in two more tentacles, each on already backed up with dozens of Oozecums eggs, ready to be placed directly into his glorious sac. The same happened with his pecs, though these stretched the nipple dicks wider, forcing as many large tentacocks into the opening as possible. They too had dozens of eggs already waiting to find their new home.

By now, Riku had started to feel nauseous after taking up so much cum and being filled with so many eggs.

After what seemed like hours of fucking, Oozecum slowly pulled out every tentacock out of Riku, and lowered him to the ground. As he slithered back into the black depths of the cum pool, he said "Remember Riku, three months. Three months, and you will be raped again by my young."

As he disappeared, Riku slowly got up, feeling bloated and full. He slowly walked out of the pool room, and made his way towards his room, grabbing a large dildo and shoving it up his ass along the way, in an effort to stop his sloppy ass from leaking its contents out into the floor. When he finally got to his room, he looked into the floor to ceiling mirror to assess the damage.

He now looked like a heavily pregnant woman, well at least one with a dick. His stomach looked like he had swallowed both of his and Xemnas's testicles, though it was all lumpy due to the shape of the eggs, despite the massive amounts of cum also present. His pecs now looked like breasts, due to the large number of eggs present there, which seemed to be growing due to the ever present cum. His balls were swelling quickly as well, and were getting rather uncomfortable, as the eggs grew even quicker then those in his chest. As much as litres of cum had been sucked out of him, it had all been shot back into him, as of to help the growth even more. Now, his swollen sac hurt from the torture it had been through.

Stifling a yawn with the back of his hand, he looked around and saw his bed, so soft, yet still soaking from his orgasm from before. He decided that his sudden desire to sleep rather than to fuck himself senseless again was more important, and hauled his enormous frame over to the bed.

When his head hit the pillow he was already sleeping. The force of the fall sent the dildo sliding out of Riku's ass, landing on top of his enormous, swollen sac of cum and god eggs. Slowly, a single tentacock crawled its way out of Riku's ass, trailing along the sensitive skin of his perineum, eliciting a low groan of pleasure from the muscle god. The tentacock reached the fallen dildo and wrapped around it, dragging the rubber length back to the loosened lips of Riku's ass.

As the head of the dildo arrived at the entrance to Riku's hole, the tentacock pulled the rubber cock in, balls deep in a single movement, causing Riku to buck with the pleasure. The dildo continued to move in and out, piston fucking Riku from the inside out, until his ass hole spasmed with multiple analgasms. As the orgasms subsided, the tentacock pulled the dildo back in balls deep, and quietly squirmed its way back up to Riku's stomach, where it's brood had started to hatch.

To be continued.....
Riku gets Raped
A sequel I have written for my story titled Riku's Growth. This one contains gay tentacle rape, so beware the tentacock

Mature Content

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Riku slowly opened his eyes, and was immediately stunned by the intense light shining down on him. His sight was blurry, but slowly started to focus. His arms and legs were held in an outstretched position, showing off what little definition his muscles had. As he slowly started to process his surroundings, he realised that he was in a stark white room, with lab equipment set up all around the room.

He suddenly noticed that he wore nothing, leaving him bare to the world. His average sized dick was standing straight up, showing off the ladder of piercings on the underside, and the Prince Albert in his slit. His nipples also stood erect, though were held down by the heavy silver piercings in them as well. Finally, Riku realised that he had a large, metal collar encasing his neck, with tubes leading up to the roof, pumping him full of nutrients so that he didn't need to feed.

'God, what is that feeling?' He thought, as he looked down to his stomach. 'I feel so full.'

He was shocked by what he saw. What would usually be a flat stomach, was actually a muscle gut. He didn't know how he had gotten it, but all hecould tell was that he had an extremely full feeling inside, and he couldn't tell what from.


"Looks like he's waking up, commander" announced a man sitting at a desk in an equally stark white room. "Shall we start the procedure?"

"Yes we shall" announced the commander. "I shall go in and talk to him myself."

"Is there anything you need while you are in there?"

"Only that you get the machine started and set it to 50%. Got that?"

"Yes commander."


An invisible door opened to the left of the room, and Riku raised his head to see none other than Xemnas walk into the room. Though the face looked like Xemnas, the body had no resemblance.

The leader of Organisation XIII was covered from head to toe in muscle. He had shoulders the size of cannonballs. His biceps were as large as boulders, and covered in large veins, all feeding blood to the muscles that twitched and jerked at even the slightest movement. His pecs were as large as barrels, with nipples as large as 50 cent coins, and as long as a large dick, pierced and dripping what seemed to be cum. The cleft almost seemed like you would fall in and never come out. His legs were a large as oak trees, and covered in just as many veins as his biceps.

He had a twelve pack of abs, each as chiseled as marble, and probably just as hard, Riku thought. The cleft between each ab was a delightful sight to Riku, and he though you would lose your tongue in between the masses. His lats looked almost like wings, with how large they seemed. Xemnas wore only a tight jockstrap, that left nothing to the imagination. He had what looked like a six foot long cock soft, being three feet around and ending in a large, engorged purple head, with a large Prince Albert piercing. His massive watermelon sized balls sloshed around with cum as he walked, and shakes and quivered with each pulse of blood. Riku got horny just hearing the cum slosh around in them. He was also wearing a collar similar to the one Riku was wearing, only in black, not silver.

"I see you have woken up, my dear old friend" Xemnas announced in a booming voice that seemed unlike his own. "You are here to be tested on to my pleasure. If you want to ask any questions before I start, I suggest you ask them now?"

"Why me? What are you going to do to me? Why do I feel so hollow?"

"You have been chosen because of your previous affiliation with the darkness." Xemnas answered in that hot, seductive new voice of his. "We are first going to turn you into me, increase your muscle mass hundred-fold, and then you will get fucked by me. You feel so hollow, because we removed ever last ounce of body fat from you. We also stretched out your insides so that you could take me without dying. Here, let me show you."

He walked over towards Riku, suspended from the ceiling, with surprising agility for such bulk. He reached around to Riku's ass, and pulled out a four foot long horse cock dildo. The length seemed never ending, until finally the flared rubber head pulled out of his well stretched hole with a loud slurp, with tones of what seemed like black cum flowing out from the well abused hole.

"You see, my cum is useful as lube, and has some amazing properties. It is very useful in tearing up a tight, virgin man cunt like yours up. It also has many other uses, which you will soon see. Start the machine."

"Wait..What do you mean taking yo..." Riku screamed before he stared in horror at the ceiling.

In one of the tubes, a thick, black viscous liquid started to descend towards the collar, the same black liquid that had just blasted its way out of Riku's man cunt. As the liquid flowed into his veins, his skin started to burn, itching where ever the cum flowed. His veins started to bulge out with the cum, slowly moving around his body towards his muscles. As it reached his heart, he howled in pain as it stopped and then started up again, now pumping the same black cum through his veins, making him yearn for it, crave it, making him need it for him to live.

Slowly, the cum stopped flowing from the tube, and the ones feeding him with nutrients were detached and reeled up to the roof. Xemnas casually walked around Riku's suspended form, gazing at the art he had created, as his cum started to take effect.

Riku opened his eyes, happy with the release from pain, but afraid of what would happen next. And then he felt it. He thought it had just been his imagination. Nut there it was again. And again. He looked down at his chest,which was where he had felt the ebbing, and noticed something odd. His pecs had grown. He had never managed to get them more than just showing, but now they were defined, well defined, and going even further. His non-existent abs had started to harden and gain definition, going from a six pack to a ten pack in minutes. His legs bloomed, going from mere twigs to the size of trees within seconds. His lats bloomed into wings, his neck into traps, shoulders into cannonballs. His biceps also bloomed to the size of boulders easily competing with Xemnas. Veins covered almost every inch of his biceps, fuelling them with the new life giving cum.

The veins snaked their way down Riku's torso, fuelling his muscles as they went. He felt his nipples enlarge and engorge, growing longer than what his dick was. He felt a pinching at the ends, and his pecs started to get tight, when he felt new, black cum dripping from the ends. His pecs continued to enlarge and swell with muscle all the while. The veins continued down, swelling each ab in turn, turning them into miniature pecs as they went down. As they reached his crotch, Riku felt a searing pain, and felt veins cover his entire length, even the head. His dick slowly swelled with life, growing, filling with the new cum-blood, packing muscle into the otherwise tiny dick compared to the rest of him. It slowly reached up and slapped in front of his mouth, and then continued to grow, past his head, reaching a glorious ten and a half feet in length, and eight and a half feet around, hard. He felt his balls swell and drop, tugging on his crotch even more, swelling with delectable cum, reaching well past his knees, almost to the floor from his suspended height.

"Now seems like a good time to rid you of your past life, don't you think?" Xemnas asked seductively, laying with Riku's newly enhanced, and ultra sensitive organ. His dick had slowly come to life, stretching the jock strap to extreme proportions. His dick seemed to have a mind of its own, as it started to move without Xemnas touching it. It wiggled and squirmed, making its way out of the jockstrap with a large snap, shredding the thing to ribbons. It snaked its way up Riku's leg, feeling its way towards his ass.

"Now this, this is something new" Xemnas whispered to Riku. "I can move my dick around as if it were an actual muscle. Still as sensitive as your dick, but even better to use. You yourself will eventually understand how to do this."

And with that, the now engorged watermelon of a head plunged into Riku's now ultra sensitive hole. His senses were overcome with such intense feelings, so much pain, yet so much pleasure. Within moments, the pain was swept away by the intense pleasure sweeping through his body, as Xemnas's now twelve foot long cock snaked its way into Riku's fuck chute. He reached up and pulled down Riku's towering dick, and started to finger the highly engorged slit, now oozing pre like an open tap. Both men's nipples oozed cum as well, enhancing their already muscular bodies to even more intense proportions.

"As you hang there squirming in pleasure, let me tell you a few things. You are now my bitch, and I am also yours. If you want to fuck me you can" Xemnas said in his intoxicating voice, all while kissing his head. "The same goes for me, and seeming as you have lived this far, we will be having lots of fun."

With that, he plunged his whole hand into Riku's piss slit, up to the elbow. Riku howled in agony and pure bliss, while the massive schlong in his fuck hole continued to pol it's way to his stomach. As it made its way through him, he felt something pushing at the back of his teeth. When he opened up, he was shocked to find Xemnas's monster dick coming out, proud to stand at its full glory.

"Untie him now" Xemnas called to the man in the other room. "He will not rebel. He is better off this way."

The ropes around Riku's wrists and ankles came undone, and set him down wholly on Xemnas's crotch, who was still elbow deep in his piss slit, and now on his ass from the intense pleasure flowing from his cock.

"Rise, my mate. Rise, and receive the seed from my balls. Rise, and release the last of your humanity from you now mighty cock!!!!" Xemnas cried. "You shall became godlike, just like me."

With some effort, Riku rose from Xemnas's crotch, bringing the monster schlong back into his stomach. When he got to his full height, he was brushing the roof with his glorious silver hair, which now reached half way down his back. He stomach bulged from where the head of Xemnas's cock lay in his stomach, and an obscene bulge had formed in his dick where Xemnas's hand was now found half way down.

With some effort, he started to rise up and down the massive monster dong, releasing bursts of pleasure for the both of them. Their nipples squirted cum all over them, black from Xemnas, white from Riku. Xemnas continued to fist Riku's piss slit, inching mor and more of his arm into the opening, loosening him up for the massive bicep. Slowly, their massive cocks started to swell as they reached the point of no return.

"I'm gonna cum" screamed Riku, the first time he had spoken since his transformation. "I can't hold it back any longer."

"Me to, my glorious muscle stud, me too" Xemnas called back. "Let it flow, at the same time as I do. In three. One...."

Their cocks swelled further, stretching Riku's hole more than it had ever been before. Xemnas managed to get half way over his bicep with Riku's hole, with the now flared piss slit.


Both hunks were sweating like made, sweat pooling around them, mixing with their cum. Their cum had mixed together, to make a dark grey, pooling around Riku's feet, and Xemnas's ass.


With a massive howl of pleasure, both men came together in a torrent of black and white spunk. Their man juices mixed together, as they were covered. Their nipples squirted bucket loads of cum alone, while their cocks were never ending. Due to Xemnas's arm lodged in his piss slit, the cum built up behind the blockage, causing Riku intense pain. His stomach had started to swell with Xemnas's black sludge for cum, and with nowhere to go, it continued to make him swell and look pregnant.

"Please... You must pull you arm out... It's killing me, please Xemnas...." Riku screamed in agony.

"Okay" Xemnas answered apologetically. "If it hurts that much."

With that, Xemnas tore his arm from Riku's cock, and immediately latched his lips around the now swollen opening. He was well trained, and had quite the experience, as he never missed a drop of Riku's hot white cum, draining his balls, and emptying him of his former life.

As Riku's orgasm finally slowed to a stop, though still remaining hard and ready for action, Xemnas's was still going, with the black sludge now squirting out of Riku's abused hole. He reached up and pulled Riku off of his massive dick, letting his still flowing cock spray all over them and the room. He placed Riku on all fours, and latched onto Riku's ass with his lips, and started to spit all of the cum he had swallowed from Riku's cock, back into his ass.

This continued for hours, constant sucking, fucking, and all sorts of thing, all making Riku as big and powerful as Xemnas was. Eventually Xemnas's orgasm died down and stopped, his dick softening up, as well as Riku's. They got up, licked each other clean, and just stared at each other.

Xemnas spoke first. "I think I know what we need first."

"What's that, my hot gorgeous love?" Riku asked cautiously.

"We need something to keep all that cum inside you. We don't want it all to go to wast now, do we. We want you to become nog and strong, just like me. I think we'll just use the dildo from earlier, shall we?"

With that, Xemnas picked up the giant horse dildo, casually leaned over and shoved it mercilessly up into Riku's well worn out ass.

"I guess I need to show you where you will be living, then don't i, my love?" Xemnas said next. "Come with me."

He went to the wall and opened the hidden door, allowing them into the hall, which was in stark contrast to the lab. The walls were carved black marble, with large green veins running through the rock. Large niches were indented into the wall, each with a towering statue of a man, with large dick and balls, though little to no muscle. The opposite was also tries for those covered in muscle, with tiny dicks and balls.

"I guess I should tell you where we are, shouldn't i?" Xemnas said. "We are in the Hall of Priapus, the god of the almighty cock. He is also the god of muscle worship. However, he may grant his followers their wishes, but they do not always get what they want. Some get obscenely large dicks, with giant sacks full of sloshing cum, but with no amount of muscle. Others get obscenely large muscles,but extremely tiny dicks and balls. Do you understand, Riku?"

"So far, yes." Riku answered.

"Well" Xemnas continued, "the order of the mighty phallus, those who worship Priapus, died out thousands of years ago. They left these halls for us to find. I managed to find a way to combine the two gifts that Priapus would gift people, and thus, here I am. However, life like this would get lonely, so I started to look for someone. Not just anyone could receive these gifts, however. You had to have had some form of connection to the dark, some form of internal struggle in the past to overcome the overwhelming effects of the elixir."

"So then how did it effect you, and me as well I suppose?" Riku asked, wincing as his now seven foot soft cock hit a snag in the ground while dragging behind him.

"Well there are two answers to that" Xemnas answered. "You had been exposed to the darkness, let it consume your heart, yet still come back with your heart intact. That is how you survived the elixir. I, on the other hand, was a nobody when I went through the procedure you just went through. As I did not have a heart, I was able to survive, though I regained my hearts through the process, pumping the life giving cum-blood through my veins instead, just like yours does now."

They continued their walk for some time in silence after that, their cocks dragging along the ground, both men wincing when they caught a snag, or the exposed head slid along the ground.

"Ahh, here it is. Your new home" Xemnas announced, walking to a door and opening it.

Inside was a bed, larger than any Riku had seen before, obviously made to easily fit the two of them and still have more room to spare. The wooden furniture was all laid out to the sides of the room, all gilded in gold. The middle of the room was empty, except for some rugs and large amounts of pillows, in greens, reds and golds.

"I offer only the best for my beloved" Xemnas whispered seductively to Riku. "Lest go sit on the floor."

As they sat on the floor, Xemnas grabbed Riku's schlong and studied the underside and slit, calculating, weighing.

"I think you night need new piercings" he finally said.

"Are you sure?" Riku asked. "I didn't think I would."

"Well, when you dick grew, so did the holes for the piercings. All of them have fallen out. Besides, I like bigger piercing on my me when they fuck me."

"Is that a question, or just a statement?"

"Oh, my hole has been itching for a good fucking in ages, Riku. I think we can start right now."

With that Riku jumped onto Xemnas, and started to do just that.
To be continued???
Riku's Growth
A little fanfic I made up about Riku from Kingdom hearts. He gets into some serious problems with Xemnas, and you have to read on to know more
Hey Guys.

My names Kane, but i would prefer Kaiser while on here. I have always liked drawing, though i am not entirely good,but either way i will still post some things up every now and again. I have also loved writing, and me and a buddy, Valorforsor, will be writing a story on Steampunk or Cyberpunk, though we will write a short story each on the genres and a vote of confidence will decide which one we will write.

Since this is also my first journal entry, i might as well put up my favs and that

1. Nightwish (Going to their concert in Sydney next January)
2. Alice Cooper (Went to his concert September of last year)
3. Dragon Force (Seeing them at Soundwave)
4. Cradle of Filth
sorry cant think of any others. Will add more later

1. Harry Potter series by J.K.Rolling
2. Nicholas Flamel Series by Michael Scott
3. Inheritance Series  by Christopher Paolini
4. The Black Prism by Brent Weeks

TV Series
1. Doctor Who
2. Supernatural
3. Dexter
4. Bleach
5. Death Note
6. Criminal Minds

1. Dark Shadows
2. Transformers
3.Harry Potters
4. Ford Fairlan the Adventure of a Rock n Roll Detective
5. Back to School

1. Final Fantasy XIII-2
2. Final Fantasy VII
3. Kingdom Hearts 2
4. Kingdom Hearts BBS
5. Skyrim

1. Vegemite
2. Tomatoes
3. Cream Cheese
4. Kai si Min

1. COD (for the record, i mean ever COD)
2. Grand Theft Auto
3. Racing Games in General

non i can think of

1. Anything that isnt on my Favs list for Music

TV Shows
1. MyLittle Pony
2. Glee
3. Naruto


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Kane B

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Joe-Roberts Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
:) Thanks for the F:+fav:ves
Psyconorikan Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thanks so much for the watch! :tighthug: I really appreciate it!! :heart:

ValorFormSor Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012
I do believe I know you from somewhere other than Deviantart, but for the life of me, I can't remember where.
racooncomet Featured By Owner May 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanx for da watch :highfive:
Skelizard Featured By Owner May 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
YOU >:3
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